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My vision is to train and ride horses in accordance with sound equine biomechanical principles. One goal of that vision is to balance the natural anatomic forces within and between the horse and human, for healthy movement and longevity. 

Each horse is seen as an individual with specific needs. The goal is to support them to achieve their highest and best, while applying research methods to document the work. 

My work with horses draws upon Classical Dressage principles, as well as my roots in the Western world, the work of Manolo Mendez, Peggy Cummings’ Connected Riding®, and TTEAM®. I am always searching for knowledge to improve my horsemanship. I make decisions about what knowledge to apply by determining if it is in alignment with horse and human biomechanics, and mental wellbeing. The deepest and most insightful lessons come from the horses themselves— trusted friends. 

My services include a lecture series on equine biomechanics, four-day courses as a continuation of and practicum for the information in the lecture series, individual lessons locally and at course venues, and I take horses in training where I am located, in the Austin, Texas area. 

As a Connected Riding® instructor, I teach lessons and clinics based on that method. 

Please contact me for information regarding these services.

Anatomy & Movement with Jillian Kreinbring

We no longer host Jillian but she is still offering wonderful clinics.  Learn more at

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